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Empowering consumer health tech companies to increase user acquisition and retention. MOWE provides animation strategy, production, and performance analysis to help move the needle in the digital health industry.

If you want a quick video slapped together, don’t use them. If you want a team that will dive into what you want to achieve and produce something impactful, go with MOWE Studio. They will add value, contribute ideas, and be actively involved in the creative process.

Mike Lamb

VP Global Digital Platforms at Pfizer

Latest Insights

  • David G. Stone
  • Posted by David G. Stone
May 23, 2024

While animation is MOWE Studio’s chosen medium, we do more than just illustration and animation. Learn more about how our design approach delivers results.

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  • Alana Maganha
  • Posted by Alana Maganha
May 8, 2024

MOWE Studio is thrilled to be among the “best of the Internet” after being recognized for two 2024 health and wellness Webby Awards. Learn more here.

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  • Felippe Silveira
  • Posted by Felippe Silveira
April 15, 2024

How can you differentiate your health tech product when pitching for funding? Ditch the decks and slideshows and learn how custom animation is the answer.

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