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5 Reasons Animation Is Uniquely Positioned to Market Your Consumer Healthtech Product 

Standing out in the consumer healthtech space is no easy feat. But we don’t need to tell you that. You’re the one marketing your wellness wearable or app in an increasingly crowded vertical. 

The good news? There’s an underutilized tactic you can tap to better reach consumers: animation. 

In general, digital health companies aren’t taking advantage of animation for marketing purposes. So simply creating an animation video for your product will help you break through. There are additional benefits of using animation specifically for healthtech marketing that we’ll explore below. 

1. Animation Translates Complicated Health Concepts Simply 

It’s entirely possible that your product is groundbreaking, providing infinite or unheard of solutions your average individual can’t quite conceptualize. There’s just no reference point for certain new technologies. Your healthtech brand might also offer a solution to a complicated wellness or even medical challenge. It’s not exactly easy for just anyone to understand how meditation can shrink your amygdala. And yet this is a very real benefit of a wildly popular healthtech app

Enter animation. One thing motion graphics and animation do best is summarize information in a manner of seconds. Because this information can be delivered through multiple senses (i.e., sight and sound) there’s ample space to explain concepts in a small window of time relative to other marketing mediums. What that means is you can discuss complicated details of your digital health app in-depth with even a short animation video. 

But animation isn’t just good for distributing information to consumers. It’s also the perfect vehicle to describe those complex features of your product in a relatable way. 

Say you want to extol the benefits of running for cardiovascular health to promote your running app. With animation, you can show the inside of someone’s body as their heart pumps blood efficiently on a summer’s day jog. You simply could never do this via live action, unless you invent a giant x-ray machine to strap to a person while they run. But that would be creepy — and unlikely to get you more subscribers.  

The bottom line? Animation is unparalleled when it comes to getting difficult-to-grasp information and product benefits across to non-health industry people. 

2. Animation’s Superior Storytelling Power Keeps Your Brand Top-of-Mind  

You can bring a human heart to life with animation. That’s because, unlike live action, motion graphics aren’t limited to using elements from the physical world. In addition to explaining complex healthtech subject matter, this means animation tends to be a superior form of storytelling. And storytelling makes your marketing — and therefore your brand — more relatable, memorable, and emotive. 

Consider an online therapy app that wants to tell a story about a user who used the platform to improve their depression. Anyone who’s thinking about downloading this app is probably in a less-than-ideal headspace. If you use a live action video with an actual person who experienced depression to tell this story, it could be a downer for someone who’s already struggling. 

If, on the other hand, you use animation to tell the story of depression improving with a recognizable metaphor — say clouds lifting — you can couch a touchy subject in more lighthearted graphics. This allows you to more effectively communicate and market your product to people who truly need it. 

Telling a story is one of the best methods to appeal to your audience’s emotions, which is proven to keep your brand top-of-mind, even despite our population’s waning attention spans. And animation is uniquely positioned for storytelling thanks to the nearly limitless forms it can take. 

3. Motion Graphics Grab Attention in a Distracting, Crowded Tech Marketplace 

Speaking of our collectively diminishing attention spans, animation is a great marketing tool that demands viewers’ attention, especially in the healthtech space. Why? Because, as we said, animation just isn’t that common for healthtech companies to use, so it’s unexpected and therefore disruptive. Bonus: If you begin leveraging animation for your marketing now, you can get in on the ground floor, using animation to market your digital health product ahead of others. 

Grabbing attention matters in your industry because your app has to compete with not only other healthtech products, but also every other app on a person’s phone. When someone unlocks their iPhone, you want them to gravitate towards your app. But it’s tough to pull people away from addicting apps like TikTok. 

All to say, your marketing better be engaging so consumers internalize your brand and choose your product. An effective animation can make your healthtech product memorable so users return to it time and again — not just after their initial app download. 

4. Animation Differentiates Digital Health Products Amid Monotonous Marketing    

Many consumer health brands (and tech brands in general) share an aesthetic. They rely on similar visual representations. For example, you’ve certainly seen a lot of imagery of happy people jogging, or someone eating a salad bowl laughing as if they were at a stand-up comedy show. Everything, of course, surrounded by a lot of shades of the colors blue and green. 

Marketing your product with animation is your chance to differentiate your product from all of the ones stuck with tired looks. Animation offers so many opportunities from an aesthetic perspective. Remember, motion graphics are flexible. Convey any concept using any shape with animation. You’re far from limited to overused stock healthcare photography. 

5. Motion Graphics Are Made to Encompass Your Brand’s Memorable Elements  

We’ve established that keeping your brand top-of-mind matters when trying to attract distractible consumers in a crowded app and digital health marketplace. Motion graphics allow you to seamlessly integrate your brand throughout a video. The result is a subliminal reinforcement of your brand for the duration of the animation. 

The same can’t necessarily be said for other forms of marketing. Take a live action commercial. Your logo might slide onto the screen at the end, but you can’t always fold elements of your brand in throughout the entire thing. Animation always connects with key brand elements and represents them visually for the duration of a video. 

Build Consumer Engagement for Your Healthtech Brand with Animation  

At the end of the day, your product can’t be successful unless you create a connected marketing experience that emotionally appeals to consumers. This is especially imperative in the saturated consumer healthtech space where your product is also competing with innumerable apps. 

Animation as a medium is inherently able to create that connected experience for consumers because graphics explain complicated concepts relatably and memorably. Add to that the fact that animation is a relatively untapped marketing tactic in the consumer healthtech space, and it quickly becomes an irresistible option.

Felippe Silveira
Felippe Silveira
Co-founder & CEO at MOWE Studio