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Birds of a feather

"The business love story you always dreamed of, the investment you'll never regret making."

Squawk to meet you

Squawk to meet you

Squawk to meet you

MOWE is the creative agency that brings ideas to life through Animation and Motion Graphics, creating memorable experiences for those watching - and those paying the bill.

Birds are our spirit animal because we fly wherever our hearts desire, both in terms of style or our client's location. More than anything, we are known for always working with a birds-eye view of the project that allows us to seek solutions for real problems instead of just making things move.

Our expertise goes
beyond Animation

Birds of a feather

Doing exceptional animation is not a real challenge for us. Every project has a more significant marketing challenge to solve, and our strategic approach is what differentiates us from most studios. We work side by side with Agencies, questioning and discussing strategies to understand the best way to use our animation skills to solve the client's real challenges.

Talking about a project's development, we lead projects from its conception until its success: Art direction, Script, Storyboard, Design, Illustration, Animation, Sound design. Phew! Creating videos demands a ton of work, right?! We know it!


We live and work
in the future.

Birds of a feather

With a remote structure since it's conception, we mastered how to work fast while giving enough space for each person to develop their creativity and produce their best work.

Our way of working is collaborative and our clients are our most significant partners. Never taking anything for granted, we always push every idea to the extreme before setting any limit on them.

MOWE broke out of its shell in 2015 and since then has been questioning everything and everyone on why and how to do things because we love flying in the face of convention.

It takes a bird’s-eye view to help the best ideas take flight. But it also requires nurturing in the form of strategy, copywriting, re-writing, illustration, animation, music, and sound.

That's #%&@^$! teamwork

That's #%&@^$! teamwork

MOWE is made of passionate and talented individuals that know how to work together to deliver unique visual experiences. It doesn't matter how complex a project is, our remote production enables us to adapt and grow depending on the project's requirement. We only work with the best, wherever they are.


USA, Spain, Portugal, Brazil.
We're everywhere

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MOWE is the specialized creative studio that brings ideas to life through motion graphics and animation for innovative agencies.

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