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The Secret to Securing Health Tech Funding? Add Animation to Your Pitch

Pitching…it’s a necessary but often dreaded part of your role as a health tech startup founder. Your palms are probably sweating just thinking about it. A room full of hopefuls after the same grant as you. A mere five minutes on the clock to explain your product and its uniqueness. The growth of your company on your shoulders. 

Take a breath! There’s a smarter way to pitch your digital health brand. Leverage a tailored animation for an accessible, memorable presentation. Here’s how. 

The Pitching Problem: Why Winning Over Health Tech Investors Is Harder than Ever

Public speaking does not come naturally to every founder. And yet you have to give effective pitch after effective pitch to grow and sustain your health tech startup. 

Even if you don’t mind public speaking, pitching means explaining complex, health-related information in a limited amount of time to a (sometimes) non-expert audience. Properly contextualizing your product takes time you simply don’t have during an investor presentation. 

Pitching competitions and demo days are even higher pressure than standard pitch meetings. You must go head-to-head with some of the best and brightest in digital health. Not only must you stand out during your short pitch, you might also have a booth in a huge hall, where you hope to catch the attention of passers-by amid hundreds of other booths. 

Most people in your position rely on pitch decks/slideshows to support their efforts. But you cannot expect to stand out from the crowd if you use the same tired presentation format as nearly everyone else. What’s more, there’s a strong temptation to pack important, sometimes technical info into these slides. The result? Small fonts no one can (or wants to) read, plus too many details to realistically get through during your pitch. 

All of these pitching challenges are compounded by the fact that the health tech industry is more saturated than ever. Translation: Your competition is stiff. 

Hacking the Pitch: How Custom Animation Gives You a Competitive Advantage

You can overcome these pitching obstacles by getting an animated video tailor-made for your health tech startup. Let’s explore the benefits of motion branding — your new presentation sidekick. 

Animation Buys Time

In general, good videos have the power to condense the most critical information and product benefits into just a few seconds. After all, you can plan exactly what goes into it so your message gets across. And videos are simply more accessible and understandable; it’s the way most people prefer to consume information these days. They’re especially digestible (not to mention entertaining) among a slew of standard PowerPoint presentations. 

Animated videos (over, say, live action ones) are even better at getting information across quickly and comprehensively. This is true for a few reasons: 

  1. You can easily optimize animations. With live action, you have to re-assemble everyone on set to redo even the smallest detail of your video. With animation, you can efficiently adjust your messaging to ensure your points reach your audience. 
  1. You can illustrate more aspects of your product. Live action videos rely on real-time product demonstrations. With animation, you can show how your health tech product will work through illustrations. You don’t have to wait for the final design to be ready to approximate its use for investors. Again, you can get more information across during pitches. 

Together, these benefits prove how animation can explain even the most complex healthcare product efficiently. Consequently, you have more time to go deeper into other aspects of your pitch as well as answer critical investor questions. 

Bonus: If you are (understandably) nervous for your pitch, rest assured that your animation will effectively relay product basics to your audience, giving you a minute to gather yourself ahead of speaking. 

Animation Leaves a Lasting Impression

It can’t be overstated just how many health tech startups lean too heavily on slideshows to pitch their products. Remember, slide decks can be difficult to read and digest as well as tedious to sit through. 

When you use animation to introduce your product during a pitch, you will automatically stand out from your competition. So few other brands in your boat are using animation in this way. And even if they are, they’re showing low-fi, stock videos. 

Just imagine pressing play on a custom animation that perfectly captures your health tech product’s value. You’ll foster an elite experience for viewers and judges accustomed to the same old slides. 

Your tailored animation can also be branded by adding your signature colors, characters, and fonts throughout, as well as your logo as appropriate. So your video — and brand — will stick with viewers. 

Finally, an animated video makes for a great deliverable post-pitch. Investors are more likely to re-watch an engaging animation than a rote deck during their decision making process, putting you at an advantage.  

Play Up Your Health Tech Industry Expertise with a Pitch Animation 

Animations are clearly powerful pitching tools. However, it won’t do “magic” just by itself, and nothing can replace your active, enthusiastic presence coupled with your knowledge of the market and users for your health tech product. 

The best strategy to win pitches is to leverage animation to introduce your startup, leaving plenty of space for you to answer crucial questions about the value of your up-and-coming product. 

Felippe Silveira
Felippe Silveira
Co-founder & CEO at MOWE Studio