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Why Animated Videos Are the Most Effective Marketing Medium

Video is the ultimate marketing medium. It’s often preferred by consumers because it’s so engaging, for one. Additionally, it’s trackable. The right video hosting platform gives you an unparalleled array of metrics necessary for making data-based decisions to optimize your health tech brand’s reach. 

But here’s the catch: Not all video types are created equal. 

Below, we’ll explore three reasons why video is such an ideal tool — and why animation, in particular, is the video format of your digital health company’s dreams. 

3 Reasons To Choose Video for Health Tech Marketing

1. Video Gives the People What They Want

There’s nothing more sought after — and harder to win — in the digital space than consumer attention. You need eyeballs on your product to be successful. Your marketing methods have to grab consumer attention fast, and keep it long enough for your message to stick and your brand to become top-of-mind. 

One of the best mediums for getting and maintaining consumer attention is video. It’s simply what the people prefer. We’ve all become accustomed to taking in TikTok after TikTok, so it makes sense that people want to consume other content via video, too. 

The takeaway? People will engage with your digital health brand’s content if you deliver it to them in a captivating video. That’s reason number one why video is the king of marketing tools. 

2. The Data Video Offers Is Unmatched 

Virtually every modern marketing medium is trackable and provides data output on important details, like consumer engagement. We’ve all come to rely on these insights to inform our marketing approach…and rightfully so. 

What makes video so special, from a trackability perspective? The metrics a good video hosting platform provides are especially robust and interesting. Number of views, play rate, view duration rate, engagement heatmaps, audience retention, social engagement, shares, click-through rate — the list of available video metrics goes on. 

Some of these powerful data points are only available when you use analytics-driven video hosting services. Our favorites are Wistia and YouTube. Of course, YouTube is free and a great option. While Wistia is paid, it’s more powerful than even YouTube. When you work with MOWE, you can have access to our Wistia account to host your videos, rather than purchasing your own subscription solely for your company. It’s an economy of scale you can’t beat.

As a health tech brand, we know you care about the evidence. The data and science behind decisions matter to you, even when you’re making marketing decisions over health-related or medical ones. Get the proof you crave to check the efficacy of your marketing campaigns when you employ video. 

3. Iteration Is Possible with Video

The trackability of videos matters because the data allows you to iterate, improving your video — and entire marketing campaign — based on what the insights tell you. 

Say you discover that a majority of viewers stop watching your 30-second video at the 20-second mark. Now what? You tweak the video until you see better results. Maybe your entire video needs to be shorter, or maybe you need to frontload more interesting or important information to grab and hold viewer attention. 

Once you see more success after iterating on your video, you can apply those findings to other aspects of your marketing campaign. Imagine you frontloaded a certain takeaway about your digital health product and audiences suddenly stuck around for the entirety of the video. You could take that message, which you now know resonates with your audience, and use it in other materials. 

Today’s ever-evolving digital world, where trends and audience preferences shift swiftly, demands equally swift adaptation. 

Animation Is the Frontrunner of Video Formats 

While it’s true that any video hosted on a data-driven platform will feed you metrics, not every video is easy to change based on these metrics. Animation comes out ahead of all other video types because, in addition to the three benefits detailed above, it’s incredibly adaptable. 

Consider this: You could iterate on a live action video. But, boy, would that be a production (pun intended). You’d have to call the entire cast and crew back to set to refilm, which is time-consuming and costly. 

Animated videos, on the other hand, can be changed digitally. In fact, a single animator could edit an animation just using the extensive library of elements from the original piece. Not to mention that animation is the most cost-effective to change compared to other video formats.

You might be thinking, okay, but aren’t animations created using a cascade workflow? You’re correct. Elements of an animation (script, storyboard, characters) get locked in before moving onto the next (hence cascade). However, there’s a crucial caveat. Creating an animation from the ground up involves a cascade workflow, but, once there’s a version of your video out there, you can use the “fail fast, succeed faster” — or agile — approach to changing parts of it. 

Based on the data of your existing animated video, you (or your team of animators) can experiment with changing the order of sequences – or even removing some -, adding new visual elements or using different music without incurring substantial additional expenses. What a way to ensure your communications strategy remains relevant! 

Bonus: Animation comes with characters and other elements you can reuse forevermore — both in additional animations and for other marketing mediums. For instance, you might use a familiar character from your video in static image form on your website. You get adaptability and bang for your buck with animation. 

Animation Trackability and Adaptability Combine for Great Health Tech Marketing Results    

The trackability of video combined with the adaptability of animation make animated videos an epic marketing medium for your health tech brand. You can improve your animations — and your entire campaigns — based on what the data is telling you. 

You might need an animation partner who can read, interpret, and translate this data into optimized creatives on your behalf, though. We’d welcome the opportunity to be that studio for your digital health company

Alana Maganha
Alana Maganha
Head of Marketing at MOWE Studio