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The MOWE way

More than our creative output, what makes us unique is the way we see and work around Animation for Marketing. We are known for constantly seeking a birds-eye view of the project, so we can provide solutions for real problems instead of just making things move.

“MOWE is one of the rare companies that can be 100% put in the driver's seat, so enjoy the ride!”

Sarah Dayan

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Every element and decision on a project can affect the final message sent to the viewer. We combine our expertise in animation and our marketing knowledge to help agencies understand the opportunities and possibilities of animation as a medium for storytelling and advertising.

We also work closely with agencies looking for help to sell these kinds of projects to their clients, partnering with them to prepare pitches or to review and advise on initial campaign ideas.

Video is everywhere, and knowing how to use it as its best is essential for a successful campaign.

Research first, develop later

Our research starts by understanding how the client and their competitors market their products and develop their voices as brands. Then, we dissect the message and the outcome desired by the client to create a Creative Briefing that allows everyone to be on board throughout the entire project.

Communicating the right message

It’s way more than just defining the “target audience” because every age range has a different view of the world, every brand has its unique personality, and every social media has a lingo of their own. Understanding how to mix all those ingredients towards the desired goal is our job.

Expanding the brand's identity

Every brand has its visual style and personality, and our work allows those components to come to life. Movement attaches sensations and enhances our perception, expanding the client’s branding, and improving the connection with their audience.



Each part of an animation project has a singular impact on the final product and it’s essential to work with a team that understands its singularities, risks, and strengths. A good production involves also a detailed planning and control over each step required to bring ideas to life.

Our strong team of talented professionals executes all projects with extra care and passion, guaranteeing that all the small details and decisions made through the project lead to the unique moment when the work speaks for itself.

We’re eager for challenges and to partner with those who are ready to think beyond “just animation”.


Most crucial decisions of the project are made in this phase. Every detail here will impact the project’s development and overall success. This is when we write the script, build the moodboards, create the styleframes, and prepare the storyboards.

Animation Development

This is where the magic happens and where elements and story comes to life. It takes talented people and a ton of attention to detail to make things look and feel good. Our work usually combines the creation of characters, graphic design, motion graphics, and frame by frame animation.

Final touches and delivery

With everything ready, we review it a thousand times to guarantee the high-quality standard we’re known for. We finish the animation by adding custom music and sound design to it, which supports and enhances the impact of the story created.

Ways we can help


Focus on promoting or generating awareness about brands and their products.

Product Launches

Simplified explanations that showcase how products work and their positive impacts on clients.


Animation that uses storytelling to position a brand as something bigger than its product.


Stories used both to educate a client’s audience and to establish them as leaders in their market.

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