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How a Global, Remote Creative Team = More Innovative Animation Projects

The rise of remote work is old news. But there’s a specific take on remote work that’s less common — and more beneficial to those seeking creative deliverables, including animation. 

We’re talking about remote work with a global team. Having artists positioned all over the world imbues creative projects with a rich blend of perspectives, allowing companies like MOWE to provide more innovative services and solutions. 

Remote Work Misconceptions Mask Its Many Benefits

People sometimes underestimate or overlook the benefits of remote work, focusing instead on the perceived challenges of having an asynchronous team. 

Leadership hears remote work and conjures up images of their employees playing video games on their couches all day. More generally, they fear a lack of productivity or a disconnect between team members in their own homes instead of in communal office spaces. From a creativity perspective, many agencies feel you must gather your team in one room — a large whiteboard in tow — to brainstorm and breed creativity and new ideas. 

Remote work isn’t just about working from home, nor is it about having the whole team in the same city or even country. It is about letting creativity flow through space and time, nurturing the best circumstances for each talent to achieve out of-the-box results.

Even more, working with a remote global creative studio like MOWE enables you to access a diverse talent pool with equally diverse ideas for your animation. The flexibility and scalability offered by remote work actually results in increased productivity and cost-effectiveness, a valuable edge for your creative branding and marketing efforts

Diversity Leads to Innovation: the Global Talent Advantage

Diversity transcends inclusivity; it is the catalyst for innovation.

As mentioned, having a worldwide talent pool brings a rich blend of perspectives and life experiences together, acting as a catalyst for creativity and innovation. 

At MOWE, our diverse crew of both full-time and contract artists is spread all over the globe, from Argentina to Brazil to the United States to Mexico to Poland to Canada and beyond. This fosters an amalgamation of creativity that caters to both global and local markets. 

Put simply, embracing diversity means we can draw on localized knowledge to inform your animation when necessary, but always with that global awareness to draw in your audience. 

Take an example. One of our team members grew up in a tropical climate, but spent significant time in Canada as a young adult. When he noticed the expanse of evergreen and deciduous trees, he realized the default tree in his mind was a palm tree. Everyone on our team has different defaults. When all of the images in our heads come together, we have a broader take on the world around us, which translates into better, more unique creative assets for our clients. 

Innovation Infused through Technology, Processes, and Culture

MOWE has been a remote, global animation studio since our inception in 2015. Being early in the game allowed us to tailor our entire production workflow using unique tech stacks that have complemented our remote production style from the get-go. This includes platforms like Asana, Notion, and Slack, which seem commonplace now, but were in their younger days in 2015. This means we grew with the evolution of these technologies, learning to take the most out of them at every step of the way. 

Our culture is grounded in autonomy, trust, and responsibility, allowing our team to excel — a testament to our adoption of remote, global work. By blending asynchronous communication with both casual chats and in-depth sessions, we ensure focused creative time is held sacred, allowing our members to work at the most productive time of the day for each one of them.

Operational Advantages of a Remote and Global Creative Agency

At MOWE, we emphasize flexibility, scalability, and optimized operations, courtesy of our unique structure.

Our structure allows us to scale our creative assets per the need of the project — a remote “office” that grows or shrinks depending on project requirements. This flex in talent selection and production speed is one of the many benefits a remote and global creative agency can offer your brand.

Additionally, the strategic advantage of being in multiple time zones means there’s always some movement happening on animation projects. For example, on a project with a quick turnaround, we can organize a team that works almost as a relay race. When it’s the middle of the night for one part of the world and one facet of our team, the other is up and working. This continuous flow can be a significant advantage for maintaining timely creative outputs.

Harnessing Remote Global Creativity for Your Brand

Remote work is more than a trend. It’s the road leading to globalized, innovative animations.

You can tap into remote creative studios like ours that offer an ideal blend of diversity, technology, and operational advantages. So, let’s challenge lingering misconceptions surrounding remote work. Creativity is not confined to four walls, it thrives in the expanse of diversity and flexibility. You can leverage global remote creativity to foster innovation, all in favor of your brand’s vision for an animation project and beyond.

Raff Marques
Raff Marques
Co-founder & Creative Director at MOWE Studio