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The 411 on Awareness Videos for Your Health Tech Brand

Creating an awareness video is one of the most effective ways to connect with potential users, encourage organic sharing, and build a strong digital health brand with loyal customers. 

These types of videos exist to, you guessed it, raise awareness — but not (directly) for your product. They’re decidedly not sales assets. Instead, these videos help you acquire and retain users by educating them about the issues your health tech product works to alleviate. Product and brand awareness are simply bonuses of a well-executed awareness video. 

Here we dive deeper into the upsides of adding an awareness video (or two…or three…) to your 360-degree animation and marketing strategy. We also discuss how to create the perfect animated awareness video to actually realize these benefits. Spoiler alert: Your altruistic intentions for the video matter to its success. 

Top 2 Benefits of Health Tech Awareness Videos

Let’s start by laying out the impact an effective awareness video can have on your health tech brand:

1. Awareness Videos Forge Unparalleled User Connections 

Video is the medium of the moment. Across the board, it’s how people prefer to consume content of all kinds. So, creating any kind of video content to support your digital health brand already puts you at an advantage. 

Awareness videos take this advantage up a notch. Why? Because it’s easier for potential and existing users to connect with videos that educate instead of sell. After all, no one has an emotional reaction to a laundry list of app features. 

As a health tech company, you have the added benefit of drawing from relatable, humanistic subject matter to fill your awareness video, making this emotional connection between users and your brand even more likely, genuine, and lasting. 

Consider a company like Headspace. They could create an awareness video about the effects of anxiety on the brain. Since so many struggle with anxiety, the video is more relatable than an awareness video a sneaker company might make about the origins of leather, for example. 

The relatability of the subject matter you’re drawing on also makes your awareness video more shareable. It’s easy to imagine a user sending the (theoretical) Headspace video to their friend with anxiety as a kind of olive branch, extending the reach and recognition of your brand by default. 

Psst…Don’t Overlook the Power of Animation to Lift Up Difficult Issues   

As mentioned, the subject matter you’re dealing with in the health tech industry is uniquely human. This can make it sensitive and even difficult for people to talk about and understand. Animation allows you to raise awareness about a sensitive topic — like anxiety, or a heart condition — using metaphors. 

Instead of seeing the live action scene of an overwhelmed, sad person alone on a park bench, you see animated graphics whimsically showing what goes on in an anxious person’s mind. The animation is explanatory without being triggering. 

To recap, not only do awareness videos pave the way for users to connect with your digital health brand, animated awareness videos also expertly explain sensitive subject matter, making this audience connection even more likely. 

2. Awareness Videos Increase Your User Base

By their nature, awareness videos generate new users because they put your brand on the map by offering compelling information. These videos can even help establish an audience attuned to the issues your health tech product solves before it’s on the market. 

And it’s not just users who benefit and learn from your awareness video, it’s the entire market. As recognition of the specific condition your product addresses grows, so too does the market demand for a solution to said condition. 

Awareness videos also aid in user retention, reminding current users why they signed up for your product in the first place, and even encouraging past users to re-engage

The cherry on top is that you’re not only creating a larger user base, you’re also creating a more loyal one. Awareness videos are educational, not salesy. Your new fans will understand and appreciate that you’re not only in the digital health game for business purposes, but also to make a positive impact on their wellbeing. 

Tips for Creating a Successful Awareness Video for Your Digital Health Brand

Now that we’ve tackled the “why” behind making health tech awareness videos, let’s get into the “how.” 

Save the Sales Pitch 

Remember: Awareness videos are not sales content. They must center around a health issue or subject that educates and benefits the viewer. Avoid the urge to showcase your product’s features — or really to talk about your product at all. 

You also shouldn’t include a CTA in your awareness video. The end goal is not about getting folks to download your app. Again, it’s all about crafting a relatable video that allows the viewer to see themselves in the situation, gently encouraging them to seek help or additional information on their own, or to share the video with someone they think it’ll resonate with. 

The bottom line? When folks watch your video and learn something new without the pressure of a sales pitch, they’re more compelled to share it so others feel good and learn important, relevant information, too. 

Imbue Your Brand

Despite the fact that awareness videos aren’t sales content, they should be branded. This is where animated awareness videos, in particular, shine. 

You can and should add your digital health brand’s logo as a signature at the conclusion of your video, whether it’s live action, animation, or another video style. But with animation, you have the added freedom to infuse the entire video with your brand colors, typeface, and general vibe. The result is an awareness video authentic to your health tech brand that offers genuinely helpful information to educate and connect with viewers. 

Engage with Awareness, Convert with Solutions 

Brands like Headspace and Calm are at the top of the market share. It’s not a coincidence that they’ve prioritized educational videos that raise awareness about mental health issues. You can do the same by engaging audiences with digital health awareness animations that, in good time, point users toward the solutions your product provides.

Felippe Silveira
Felippe Silveira
Co-founder & CEO at MOWE Studio