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How MOWE’s Design Process Drives Health Tech Brand Results — It’s Not Just Splashy Visuals

At MOWE, we’re more than just an animation studio. There’s a deeper purpose behind the luster of our eye candy. We strategically craft deliverables to solve your challenges by asking questions that put functionality first, rooting our creative decisions in a foundation of research and intention.

Each and every bedazzling frame of motion graphics is forged around your messaging goals to trigger emotions, encourage engagement and move audiences to action.

Well-designed animation (the narrative, movement, visuals, sound, music, etc.) functions as a conduit for your health tech brand’s message and a funnel for driving desired reactions. . 

In short, our design approach and philosophy are rooted in delivering you results. Here’s what that looks like. 

Our Approach Centers Your Health Tech Project Intent 

Too many studios are laser-focused on visual glitz and glam. And this gets in the way of producing effective communications deliverables. For us, brand and project intention come first — delight in the form of aesthetics comes next. 

To understand this intent, we begin our design process by listening during the discovery and research phases. We ask you questions about the underlying goals for your video, such as:

  • What should people feel when they watch it?
  • How should they react?
  • What should they run to tell others after seeing it?
  • If they only remember one detail, what should it be?

Once we have the results of these questions, we audit your content as well as competitor content to review style. From there, we begin to build audience personas and shape a picture of what types of content they might react to.

Mood boards and storyboards are next. With storyboards, you can again see how we never waiver from our commitment to project intent. Rather than just tasking an artist with rendering specific visual shots for each line, we guide creative development by also sharing the purpose behind each frame of an animation and suggesting visuals to fulfill that purpose, inviting our experts to bring their intuition and perspective to solving the challenges at hand. Once we’ve established our core visual concepts, we go back and refine things like the angles, actions, blocking, content and scene design to make your storyboard sizzle.

Our Philosophy Funnels Creativity for Unique Digital Health Assets

Building around your project’s intent, we set guardrails around the creative process. These guide us on what to avoid doing just as much as on what should be done. Creative sandboxes like this allow our minds to roam free, but within the limitations we create. This ensures all of our design decisions meet the function and visual identity needs that ladder up to your goals — and lead to results. 

The way we land on colors and characters for animations are great examples of our sandbox-style design in action. 

Color Rules Focus Exploration For Powerful Results

Our color guidelines can be rigid when necessary (i.e., use these specific shades of red and blue and nothing else). When possible, we prefer to lead with the feeling of specific colors. 

For instance, a color rule might be, “this blue is the color that audiences should remember most after viewing the video.” Establishing a clear visual hierarchy for colors with such a rule serves a project’s purpose while giving the art team space to explore and create something unique. 

Characters Take Shape From and For Purpose 

Characters are often the manifestation of a project’s purpose, so we spend a lot of time getting them right. We ask questions about characters to narrow our focus, exploring their forms in mood boards and style frames. 

Take clients iluli and HopStair as examples of how our design philosophy manifests itself. 

iluli Animated Character Development

For iluli, we started one of our animation projects for them with very simple characters. We made a rule that these characters couldn’t have facial features for two main reasons:

  1. Blank slate characters are easy for anyone and everyone to relate to. 
  1. We design one, five-minute animation for iluli per month. A cast of simple characters allows us to maximize the client’s budget and schedule. For a client that requires monthly releases, reusable characters are essential to the ever-important project purpose and function.

We also recently updated the design of these characters to better reflect their commitment to DEI representation. This required us to step back and ask, “how do we maintain the minimal, reusable, and relatable-to-anyone cast we began with?” We ultimately designed a series of structural body and hair elements, with a range of skin tones built out from one of our main brand colors, that can be swapped and re-used to create a wide array of diverse characters. They all maintain the same core structure to give audiences what they’ve come to expect from iluli while expanding diversity. 

HopStair Animated Character Development

HopStair, meanwhile, also wanted to become familiar and relatable to a wide audience through their character. Our research called for an androgynous body form, a touch of silliness to lighten a dark topic, a featureless face that anyone could see themself in, and a body that could convey strong emotions through posture alone. Here’s how character development looked in the soon-to-be launched HopStair project: 

  • Beginning with references, we narrowed down the clients’ goals, likes, and dislikes for characters.
  • We sketched a wide range of character options during our style frame process.
  • We used our sandbox to eliminate characters that were too silly, edgy, or stylish.

We arrived at our character and built it into two style frames for approval, showing how the character would function as an audience surrogate — thus fulfilling the project’s purpose.

Diversity in Every Sense of the Word Leads to On-Point Projects 

We hope it’s clear by now that MOWE’s design approach and philosophy rely on a collaborative partnership that empowers every team member and client to ask questions and challenge assumptions. It’s this kind of diverse, critical thinking that leads to the right sandbox for creating unique animations that meet your goals and, ultimately, garner results. 

Our global team is also one of MOWE’s greatest strengths. We bring varied perspectives to every project, allowing us to meet your needs in ways no one could have imagined for a deliverable that reaches and resonates with your health tech audience. 
We’d love to hear from you about your health tech brand’s animation needs. Get in touch!

David G. Stone
David G. Stone
Creative Director at MOWE