Anymotion Speaker Titles

Speaker’s title project for the Anymotion 2017 Festival – America Latina’s biggest animation conference.

  • Scope of work

    Storyboard, Illustration, 2D animation, Sound design

  • Client

    Anymotion Festival

  • Year


Client & Challenge

A full-length version that combines all the 4 speaker titles produced for the Anymotion 2017 event – Brazil’s biggest animation conference. To know more about the conference, go to

The speakers of the conference were Acaca(BRA), Ronda(ARG), STATE(USA), Tendril(CAN).

animated geometric shapes that introduces the speaker title for a motion graphics conference


Creative Direction
Felippe Silveira

Art Direction
Raff Mars

Raff Mars

Felippe Silveira
Raff Mars

Felippe Silveira

Sound Design
Sizzle Audio