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Apigee OmniConnected

Read the case study and understand the challenges and solutions of the animation “Omniconnected” created for Google Cloud’s Service called Apigee.

  • Scope of work

    Script Revision, Storyboard, Illustration, 2D animation, Sound design

  • Client


  • Year


Client & Challenge

Apigee is a Google Cloud service for API management that allows leading companies and app developers to design, secure and scale application programming interfaces.

We were challenged by them to produce a 3-minute animation in 3 weeks, that could showcase a brief overview of their platform and a few achievements from their most innovative clients.

Reworking the usual animation pipeline

Taking into consideration the constraints and challenges of this project, it was important for us to reuse the assets that Apigee already had developed for their ebook campaign.

We had to adapt our usual process and turn the development of the animation’s storyboard into a kind of puzzle. We started by trying to match most of their original illustrations with the script, and then we developed all the new scenes to fill the remaining gaps of the storyboard.

By using their original assets, we were able to start the animation earlier, running in parallel with the illustration of the new scenes that were still being developed.

Video Stills

Visual Consistenty

This animation was built as a complementary asset for Apigee’s ongoing digital and printed marketing campaign. We had to mix previous illustrations developed for Apigee’s ebook with new custom illustrations done by our team – always focusing on guaranteeing no loss of quality or visual resemblance between the original and new assets.


The entire project was done within the challenging timeframe of 3 weeks and everything was released perfectly on schedule. The challenge of a quick turnaround required us to adapt our processes but the solution we found was definitely the turning point that allowed the project to be a success.


Executive Production
Adam Winograd
Yoav Hornung

Brian Grady

Creative Direction
Felippe Silveira

Apigee Marketing Team

Original Ebook Illustrations and Art direction
Coat of Arms
Naomi Benson
Dennis Hoogstad

Storyboard, Illustration & Art Direction
Raff Marques

Pedro de Britto
Felippe Silveira

Sound Design
Matheus Pinheiro

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