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After two years of lockdowns, restrictions, and the constant fear of COVID-19, in 2021, we finally got out of our houses and traveled around the world to meet new places, new people and find new sources of inspiration.

  • Client

    MOWE Labs

  • Year


This was a personal project for the studio and an exciting challenge for our team. After a few projects with no breaks, we decided to give the team a week off from client work so we could work on something fun and exciting.

Around that time, many events were starting to happen again, and our Creative Director was about to travel to one of them – Dash Bash. Right after that, he would be flying from the US to Europe to meet MOWE’s co-founders and then join a client for a few days to work on scripts and voice recording sessions. This seemed to be the perfect topic for our 1-week project.

On top of the deadline challenge of a week to do the project’s illustration, animation, and sound design, we strived to create something completely different from what we’ve been producing for the last couple of months. The result is fresh, fun, and wild.

Scope of Work

Concept, Storyboard, Art Direction, Creative Direction, Illustration, Animation, Sound Design


Dave G. Stone, Raff Marques

Art Direction & Illustration
Paula Cruz

Creative Direction
Dave G.Stone

Executive Creative Direction & Illustration Support
Raff Marques

Cel Animation
Juan Pedro Ramos

Pedro de Britto, Bah Nozari

Music Composition & Sound Effects

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