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Can’t Beat Me

Short animated film about the day-to-day of a female boxer, with all the struggles that women still have to go through in today's society.

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    Personal Project

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“Can’t Beat Me” tells a story familiar to all women. From the unique perspective of a female boxer, we follow her day-to-day, with all the real struggles that women still have to go through in today’s society. Her dedication and passion showcase the strength required to fuel her perseverance, and the strength achieved as a result of this daily battle. A woman’s real weapon is not her fists, it’s her mind and her heart.

This is MOWE’s first short-movie and it’s a pleasure for us to support the vision of the women from our team, amplifying their voices and sharing a reality they wanted the world to see about being a woman in today’s world.

the animation about boxing called Can't Beat Me. It shows the main character running

Scope of Work

Script, Storyboard, Illustration, 2D animation, Sound design


Mayumi Takahashi
Raff Marques

Mayumi Takahashi
Raff Marques

Art Direction
Raff Mars

Laís Abreu

Mayumi Takahashi

Pedro de Britto
Felippe Silveira

Cel Animation
André Dias

Sound Design
Aidan O’Brien

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