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George Harrison’s Iconic Rosewood Telecaster

Diving deeper into the history behind George’s iconic Rosewood Telecaster and its journey across the globe — from the Fender facility in Southern California to the Apple rooftop in London.

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Dynamic Dinosaur reached out to us when an initial proposal had already been developed but wasn’t precisely matching their vision for the project. They decided to rewrite the script and propose something different to the client, but they needed the right team to translate their vision into moving images.

Due to this change in the original plan, we had a shorter production time than usual. Still, nothing could prevent us from delivering something fun, engaging, and special for an iconic musician like George Harrison.

Scope of Work

Creative Direction • Illustration • Animation • Sound Design



Creative Director: David G Stone

Storyboard: David G. Stone, Raff Marques

Art Director: Raff Marques

Illustration: Paula Gabriela, Raff Marques

Lead Animator: Pedro de Britto

Animation: Murilo Emerick, Alcides Izaguirre

Producer: Ruby Valls

AGENCY: Dynamic Dynosaur

Creative Director: Dino Manuel, Ross Haines

Copywriter: Ross Haines

Design: Dino Manuel

Producer: Yuuki

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