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How to Create Breakthroughs in Healthcare

Delivering breakthroughs in healthcare through meaningful digital interactions that transform how patients and physicians engage.

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This project was created for a global pharmaceutical company that aims to deliver breakthroughs in healthcare by transforming how patients and physicians engage. Due to an NDA, we aren’t allowed to talk more about the subject of the video or share the project with its original narration.

We have been working with this company for a couple of years, and this is one of the last animations we have created for them. Our partnership has grown and changed over the years, always adapting to their needs. Initially, our focus was on creating animations that would help promote internal tools to their teams across the world. With time, we started to develop stories that went beyond individual tools and started to help them sell ideas and concepts internally or to partners.

Scope of Work

Creative Direction • Art Direction • Script Review • Copywriting • VO Recording •  Storyboard • Illustration & Design • Animation • Sound Design


Executive Production
Felippe Silveira

Executive Creative Direction
Raff Marques

Creative Direction
David G. Stone

Art Direction
Victor Rosa

Ruby Valls

Nati Brondani

Marcos Abdallah
Alana Boeira

Lead Animation
Pedro de Britto

Pedro de Britto
Barbara Nozari
Murilo Emerick

Voice Artist
Charlotte Ann

Sound Design

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