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Making sense of technology, one byte at a time

Inspired by Einstein’s famous quote, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough,” Iluli by Mike Lamb is a Youtube Channel that uses animation to transform complex topics into simple and engaging videos that teach and inspire.

  • Client

    Iluli by Mike Lamb

  • Year

    2018 - Present

Client & Challenge

In 2018, Mike Lamb approached us with a daring vision—an audacious plan to distill complex topics into bite-sized 5-minute explanations that combined simplicity with entertainment. The challenge of creating these engaging videos on a monthly basis was certainly daunting, but we embraced the opportunity and joined Mike on this thrilling adventure. Thus, our partnership with Iluli was born.

Since then, Iluli has amassed a loyal following of fans and expanded its presence across the web. The secret to Iluli’s success lies in the power of animation as a communication tool. By leveraging this power, Iluli was able to stand out amidst the noise, captivating potential users and piquing their curiosity on a wide range of topics. Through carefully crafted visuals, storytelling, and captivating motion design, Iluli’s animations are able to simplify complex concepts, making them more accessible and easily digestible for viewers. Iluli has mastered the art of keeping viewers engaged and coming back for more, month after month.

There are no limits to the topics and metaphors covered by the channel, which makes animation the perfect pairing for it.


luli by Mike Lamb is an inspiring success story, having achieved extraordinary growth from zero to 100k subscribers in less than 2 years. By 2023, the channel proudly surpassed the milestone of 360k subscribers, amassing an impressive collective view count of 80 Million.

The impact of Iluli’s videos extends far and wide, with their content being widely utilized and shared across the internet. Iluli’s cybersecurity content has been licensed as official learning material by a prestigious client, and Esteemed authors, whose books have served as inspiration or reference for specific topics, have publicly endorsed Iluli videos as the most engaging and concise explanations available.

Iluli’s unique style, infused with humor and its casual communication style, has garnered well-deserved recognition. The channel has received accolades and nominations at events such as The Science Film Festival of Navarra, the Telly Awards, and the Webby Awards. Notably, Iluli’s video on Gravitational Waves received a nominee indication in the Science & Education category at the Webby Awards, showcasing its impact and excellence. These recognitions are a reflection of Iluli’s commitment to delivering top-notch content through exceptional craftsmanship.


Script Revision & Voice-Over:Mike Lamb

Script & Sound Design: Aidan O’Brien

Script Revision, Storyboard, Art Direction, Creative Direction, Illustration, Animation: MOWE Studio

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