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Making sense of technology, one byte at a time

Inspired by Einstein’s famous quote, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough,” Iluli by Mike Lamb is a Youtube Channel that uses animation to transform complex topics into simple and engaging videos that teach and inspire.

  • Client

    Iluli by Mike Lamb

  • Year

    2018 - Present

Client & Challenge

Mike Lamb reached out to us in 2018 with the crazy idea of turning complex topics into 5-minute explanations, with a focus on simplicity and entertainment. Creating 5-minute videos every month is a daunting task, but we were up for the challenge and decided to partner with him in this adventure. Since then, Iluli has been collecting fans and expanding its presence on the web.


Iluli by Mike Lamb has grown from zero to 100k subscribers in less than 2 years and has already surpassed 45 Million views in 2022.

Some Iluli videos have already been shown in tech conferences around the world. On top of that, authors whose books have been used as inspiration or reference for specific topics have already shared the Iluli videos publicly as their most concise and accurate explanation on the subjects.


Script Revision & Voice-Over:Mike Lamb

Script & Sound Design: Aidan O’Brien

Script Revision, Storyboard, Art Direction, Creative Direction, Illustration, Animation: MOWE Studio

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