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Run Your World of Commerce with VTEX

Discover how we helped VTEX bring its digital ecosystem to life with an engaging animation during a critical turning point for its business.

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VTEX modern commerce platform and deep expertise in commerce unshackle brands from the constraints imposed on them by legacy systems, enabling brands and retailers to achieve faster time to market, reach their customers across any channel, and uncover new growth areas.

The project involved creating an animation to bring VTEX’s digital ecosystem to life. During the project’s development, VTEX underwent significant changes, including the expansion of its reach in the North American market and the launch of its IPO, which required a strategic realignment of the project. We worked closely with VTEX to understand their new business goals and adapt the animation accordingly. Despite the changes, the collaborative work and open communication channel we had with VTEX allowed us to tackle the visual changes with minimal impact on resources and no delays on the project.

Our initial conversations with VTEX were focused on the general concept of their solution and the experience of their customers, leading to a character-driven approach in the animation. However, as VTEX’s business goals shifted, the company had to adapt the animation to a more product-focused user experience concept. Despite the many changes, our collaborative process allowed us to keep up with VTEX’s evolution in real time and deliver a valuable project. The final animation used a mix of geometric, stylized character designs; flat layered elements; and photos that were intentionally mixed and balanced to create a unique and eclectic look that aligned with VTEX’s new tone of voice.

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Scope of Work

Creative Direction • Art Direction • Script Review • Copywriting • VO Casting & Recording • Localization • Storyboard • Illustration & Design • Animation • Sound Design


Executive Production
Felippe Silveira

Executive Creative Direction
Raff Marques

Creative Direction
David G. Stone

Ruby Valls

Storyboard, Art Direction
Victor Rosa

Julia Hanke

Lead Animation
Pedro de Britto

Barbara Nozari
Murilo Emerick

Sound Design
Estúdio Sonido

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