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Sport Gear Without Headaches

See the behind the scenes of the full animated video we did for OrderMyGear, showing the many possibilities of their platform regarding gear customization for small teams.

  • Scope of work

    Script, Storyboard, Illustration, 2D animation, Sound design

  • Client


  • Year


Client & Challenge

OrderMyGear is the industry leader for online team stores and group orders. They host online stores for dealers of team sports gears, allowing them to provide a fast and secure way for their clients to buy customized gear.

For this project, their team was looking for a practical way for dealers to explain OrderMyGear platform to their clients. They needed to convince coaches and team leaders to use an online web store instead of the old-fashioned way. They had three basic requests about the video: It should be fun, easy to understand and it shouldn’t look “cartoonish”.

To accomplish that, we chose to focus on the narrative and the way the story was told. Also, we decided to work without characters, focusing the visual narrative on sports elements and icons.

With all that in mind, we defined the concept as:
Telling a story that awakens the feeling of a sport’s match, using sport’s elements and ambiance to develop an experience that grows from the beginning to the end.


Creative Direction
Felippe Silveira

Art Direction
Raff Mars

Raff Mars

Raff Mars

Raff Mars

Felippe Silveira

Jon Carter

Sound Design
Matheus Pinheiro

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