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Together for a better world

Curious about our process? Read the case study and understand the challenges and solutions of the animation “Together for a better world” created for Incidee.

  • Scope of work

    Script, Storyboard, Illustration, 2D animation, Frame by Frame Animation, Sound design

  • Client


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Client & Challenge

Incidee is a startup with a unique concept of uniting fans and artists to empower social causes and work together towards a better world. They challenged us to communicate their essence to two different audiences in a clear, engaging and story-driven way.

Their service allows artists to create special moments and experiences where fans and artists can raise money and awareness towards social causes through donations and viral sharing of content on social media.

Using a combination of textures, environments, actions and characters, the story is focused on how we can make a better world if we combine our efforts to give more and help those in need.

Strategy, communication and storytelling

We know that communicating with different audiences is tricky and can easily result in poor messaging and engagement. After a strategy session, we were able to identify their audience’s profiles and their importance in a successful future of the service.

We wrote the script from the ground and instead of following with a traditional explainer video script, we focused on the power of empathy and storytelling.

In order to achieve this result, it wasn’t only a choice of vocabulary that could resonate well with artists and fans but also the creation of a visual environment that could teleport fans and artists into this world of possibilities and emotions.

Giving power to the people

Since their service is focused on empathy and collectivism, our animation needed to portray characters and their day-to-day actions towards a better world, all without losing the need to explain how the app worked.

We wanted to make it inclusive, portraying people of all races, ages and styles. Even though all the characters are yellow, their clothes and haircuts tell a lot about them.

Live Engagement

Their initial beta was focused on music artists so they asked us to create small animations that could create interest with the audience members of concerts and music festivals.


Incidee used our work to help them receive funding and to test their beta version in music festivals. The results went beyond their expectation and it helped them to restructure their platform so it could be available soon for a wider audience.


Storyboard & Animation
Felippe Silveira

Creative Direction & Illustration
Raff Marques

Voice Over
Buffy O’Neil

Sound Design
Matheus Pinheiro

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