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Your best friend’s walk

Read the case study and understand the challenges and solutions of the animations we created for Wag! Walking, a dog walking service.

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    Strategy, Script, Storyboard, Illustration, 2D Animation, Sound Design

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Client & Challenge

Wag! is a unique service that combines on-demand matching of professional dog walkers and a location-based tracking of its entire activity. They challenged us to create a new kind of animation for their ads that could entertain their audience and add value to their brand.

Research and design

As always, we love when clients challenge us to revamp their existing assets. Since the beginning, we knew that we wanted to rewrite an old script already produced and suggest a new approach they never thought about.

After a deep research about their business, audience and the previous ads they produced, we were able to find many new opportunities and stories to tell.

Stuck in traffic

An animation with a similar topic had been produced before. This original version was slow-paced and with too many different stories being told in a matter of seconds.

Even though it communicated the point, it wasn’t entertaining and the characters weren’t empathetic. Our objective was to focus on one storyline only and tell that story in a deeper way.

Joyful and casual

Instead of leading the story to a sad tone of the owner not being able to walk with his dog, we decided to bring something way more casual and with a colorful and joyful approach.

Group walk vs solo walk

During our research, we noticed the fact that most dog owners aren’t big fans of group walks because they care about the attention their dog will receive. Since Wag! only offers solo walks, we noticed a great marketing opportunity that needed to be showcased to their clients.

We built a small story that compares both the dogs and walkers experiences in those different kinds of activities, highlighting how solo walking is better for everyone.


Both videos were innovative and story-driven, which sparkled an internal wish to improve their branding as a whole. Since we care a lot about research prior to development, we’re really glad to see such an amazing result both in terms of strategy and development.


Executive Production
Conrado de Sá

Creative Direction
Felippe Silveira

Raff Marqs

Raff Marqs

Art Direction
Raff Marqs

Nati Brondani

Nati Brondani
Felippe Silveira

Sound Design
Matheus Pinheiro

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