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Reanimate: Breathing New Life Into Brands

Effective communication is the main challenge of every brand. How to connect with their audience, how to send a message, how to make people buy… all those challenges brands and marketing departments face every day in order to stay alive and profitable. However, great communication is a lot more than just staying in front of people. It’s about connection, adaptability to the new media and most important: it’s about emotion.

Standing out in the middle of the noise

In today’s world, it’s not that hard to face a lot of ads during the day — it’s actually a lot harder not to. And what happens to all those ads that look the same? They become noise. We, as humans, learned how to avoid noise. We skip commercials to focus on the things we enjoy; we get immersed in our headphones to avoid the street’s or office’s noise; we also scroll even faster when an ad pops in our Facebook feed…

Everything looks and feels the same, and since they are put in front of us constantly, we instinctively block them in our heads. But, when something in the middle of that looks “weird”, or just different, we tend to pay closer attention.

Usually, the “weird thing” can be a piece full of colors, a fun character, or something full of movement. That’s the power animation has in the middle of all the noise. When everything looks the same, when you can’t differentiate one brand from another anymore, animation is the smartest solution for brands to be noticed and heard.

Animation brings life into the noise, and bring attention back to brands.

Develop stories that connect

How do we do that? First, I have to warn you that it’s not easy. If it was, everybody would do it. For a story to connect, a ton of work must be done, including the research of the topic, the audience, and the media’s possibilities.

Animation is an incredible media because of its multidisciplinary nature. It mixes visual, sound and movement, creating experiences in a way that no other media can. That’s the real power of it.

By living in a world full of possibilities, animation has the power to create memorable pieces as no other content can. Hard themes can be treated more ludic, “cold” tech products can breathe life, and we can always make someone smile or feel that little warm in their hearts.

We all grow up surrounded by animations. They were first presented to us as the morning cartoons. Those were the reasons for us to wake up so early on Saturdays. The joy, the happiness, and excitement we felt with each one of them have an important place in our minds and hearts.

As adults now, what if we could bring the same feelings back again to our audiences and the brands we represent?

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Felippe Silveira
Felippe Silveira
Co-founder & CEO at MOWE Studio

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