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Advertising is the heart where Animation for Marketing lives. It involves the creation of animations focused on selling, promoting, or generating awareness about brands, products, and services.

Sell, Promote and Generate Awareness through Animation

When it comes to advertising, there are numerous ways to invite customers to your story and prepare them to take action towards engaging with your brand or product. We work side by side with agencies to define the best strategy to connect brands to customers. Through research, we qualify the audience and identify the best animation approach to communicate with them. From there, we create the scripts and storyboards that shape the story and the message of the video.

Stand Out From the Noise

Becoming recognizable and distinctive inside social media’s noise is as important as having the right communication piece. Our design team works on developing a visual style that translates your brand at every second of the video, with a focus on being easily recognizable at the same time that it’s attractive for the audience.

Good brands are unique, and so should be their ads. Over a mix of research and creative experimentations from our design and illustration experts, we develop visual styles tailored to each brand following the key identifiable brand points that make them unique and distinguishable.

Connect with Different Shapes and Sizes

Having created many animations for advertising before, we know how important it is to have different formats in mind and adapt them to perform at their best. We take care of it by thinking ahead and developing a strategy during the pre-production phases. And whether it’s to create GIFs from a 60s piece or bring it down to 15s or even 6s, adapting in advertising is essential.

And by adaptation, we mean way more than just adjustable durations. It can be variations on parts of the message, on the CTA (either for A/B testing or multiple audiences), or even to frame the content in the best format to be consumed – horizontal, vertical, or square.

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