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Content is the best performing marketing strategy we have nowadays. Animation can make a brand unique and quickly add leverage in the content game, expanding the brand beyond its product.

Get Fans, Build an Audience

What’s better than an audience in the marketing world? A fanbase. To achieve a fanbase with your content, it has to be recognizable, distinctive, and consistent. The same applies to animation. We achieve that by designing a video brand style that is unique, and at the same time, extendable to the variety of topics your blog section, youtube channel, and social media pages cover.


The biggest challenge in animation for content is in developing consistency while balancing with fast delivery. For that matter, our directors develop strategies and plan to streamline production down the line and guarantee video releases in different schedules and scenarios.

Create for the platform your audience consume

Animation as content can come in multiple sizes. From video graphics packages, to short Stories films, until long YouTube video format. And since no one is only promoting content in a single media nowadays, it’s essential to diversify and allow the content to reach your audience in the platforms they use.


Our team works since the script and storyboard phase to plan the many alternatives to the main piece of content, allowing the story and visuals to remain consistent on all platforms. By understanding each platform’s variation, we help our clients produce their content and shape them according to their audience.

Grow your Social Presence

Innovative content is hard to find, and people are hungry for what’s different. Animation as content brings a new approach to what companies, brands, and influencers put out globally, helping them expand their unique voice with a medium crafted around them.


MOWE’s animation as content helped channels such as Iuli by Mike Lamb to get millions of views and hundreds of thousands of subscribers. We achieve that by framing your content in a unique way for your audience that helps retain subscribers and followers.

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