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Product Launches

Projects like this usually require the script to go deeper into the positive impacts of the product in the viewer’s life, so we work a lot around key pain-points and product features that might convince the viewer of its relevance.

The First Impression Matters

From the thumbnail to brand alignment throughout the video, our team works to create the most appealing visuals that connect with your brand, product, and audience. An animation should look good in movement but also static. Good thumbnails invite viewers to hit play. Part of our animation strategy is defining the best marketable shot and guarantee we grab the viewer’s attention right from the start.


The first 5 seconds of a video is vital for its success. We craft our stories around triggering curiosity and interest in your launch video’s first seconds, combining it with inventive moments to make them stay until the end.

Benefit-Focused Approach

Every product contains numerous features, and even though it’s essential to showcase them, it shouldn’t overshadow the benefits your product or service has to offer. Tackling customers’ right pain points is the best way to establish a good connection and “read their minds” with the solution you have to present.


We approach the parallel between customer’s pain points and your product’s benefits through distinctive narrative techniques and animation styles. By combining these with strong visual representations we support your uniqueness, setting you apart from competitors. MOWE aligns the strategy of scriptwriting for product launches with indistinguishable visuals to assist your brand.

Making it Easier for Customers to Understand the Product

Many new services bring innovative approaches and new paradigms that are not so straightforward for potential customers. MOWE team works together with you to bridge this gap and make it clear the true benefits and impact your product can have on the customer’s life.


The “translation” from your product’s breakthroughs to your buyers comes from the mix of animation strategy and production. Identifying the grey areas script and visuals should cover and guarantee complex features can be easily understood and relatable to viewers.

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