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Join us in our upcoming webinar where Felippe Silveira will delve into the strategic utilization of animation to navigate every stage of your health tech startup:

🚀 From Start to Growth: Discover how animation serves as a pivotal tool during the funding phase, transforming pitches and Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) into compelling narratives that captivate investors and stakeholders.

💡 Tailored Communication: Learn how animation becomes the ultimate medium for tailored communication across diverse audiences, including users, investors, B2B partners, and internal teams. Explore how to adapt your message effectively to resonate with each group, driving engagement and buy-in.

🤝 Synergy with UX and Gamification: Explore the synergistic relationship between animation, user experience (UX), gamification, and co-design. Uncover how this integration can captivate investors and B2B partners, fostering collaboration and investment opportunities.

🌱 Evergreen Animation: Gain insights into crafting evergreen content that aligns seamlessly with the iterative and dynamic nature of the health tech industry. Learn strategies to keep your visuals relevant and impactful amidst industry evolution.

Register below to access the recordings:

Felippe Silveira
Felippe Silveira
Co-founder & CEO at MOWE Studio