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Designing Holistic Digital Health Tech Experiences for Every Generation

As a brand leader in digital health tech, ensuring your product appeals to your audience partially hinges on its ability to meet the needs of multiple generations. The challenge? Each generation has a unique take on their own health and technology that you have to contend with. 

To reach these varying generations, take a look at our latest white paper. It aims to: 

  • Define how each generation — from Baby Boomers to Generation Z — approaches their own health. 
  • Explain how each generation feels about technology, like digital health tech apps. 
  • Show how the relationship between how a person approaches their health and technology collides to inform which digital experiences are most likely to keep them engaged and loyal. 
  • Offer tips for a user experience everyone can get behind, but that’s also tailored to certain generations, depending on your brand’s target audience. 

The good news is there are ways you can imbue motion into your platform at every turn — from advertising videos to in-app animations. This motion has the power to improve your digital health product’s holistic UX. 

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Raff Marques
Raff Marques
Co-founder & Creative Director at MOWE Studio