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Animation vs. Live Action: When to Choose One Over the Other

Developing marketing strategies often requires teams to make decisions early in the process that could end up influencing the creative expression and effectiveness of the assets that power a campaign. Just getting to the point where you know you need a video or a tv spot instead of a billboard or a banner ad can be a herculean odyssey. And then you find yourself facing a bewildering question: should we go with animation or live action to convey our message? The answer is, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. However, we’ve created this white paper to make your decision a whole lot easier. This article examines the differences of how audiences engage with animation and live action through the lens of common strategic scenarios to help guide you in choosing the right medium for your next project. Here are some of the questions this white paper explores:

  • How does storytelling differ between animation and live action?
  • Which is more relatable?
  • Which offers more return on investment?
  • What works best on social media?
  • Which has more evergreen potential?
  • What do consumers prefer?
David G. Stone
David G. Stone
Creative Director at MOWE