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Motion Branding 101: Your Guide to Maximizing Brand Recognition through Movement 

Motion branding represents an opportunity to make your brand more recognizable and appealing to consumers. Your logo and brand colors are important brand identifiers. But your brand’s rhythm can be just as well-known when you leverage motion branding. 

Our latest resource walks you through what you need to know about motion branding so you can get started using this brand awareness tactic. 

Perhaps the most compelling reason to incorporate consistent movement into your brand? Few companies have been intentional about defining motion branding and taking advantage of its power to elevate brand status. You can blaze that trail. 

In this guide, you’ll discover: 

  • The scoop on motion branding — what it is and how it’s evolved
  • Why now is the perfect time to jump on this underutilized tactic 
  • The awesome benefits that come from using motion branding, like instant brand recognition, stronger customer connections, jazzing up your brand personality, and creating a better user experience
  • A simple step to define your brand’s movement 

Download our guide and bring your brand to life with motion branding.

Felippe Silveira
Felippe Silveira
Co-founder & CEO at MOWE Studio